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Save Organics in Soil – Biological Cycle and Sustainable Agriculture

Join the European Compost Network’s webinar ‘Save Organics in Soil – Biological Cycle and Sustainable Agriculture’ co-hosted by Members of the European Parliament Franc Bogovic and Ensi Katainen on Tuesday 13th October 2020 from 9:00 am to 10:30 am.

Steadily and alarmingly, soil resources are depleting faster than the nutrients can be recycled. If this trajectory does not change, soil erosion, combined with the effects of climate change, will present a huge risk to global food security over next decades. Please help us to save organics in soil. The purpose of the event is discussing the supporting actions that farmers and other actors working in the rural areas need to save organics in soil. Full recovery of the soils may be achieved by adopting management and monitoring plans that aim to enhance their humus content and water retention capacity and that allow them to work as natural carbon sinks. Any integrated soil management plan should include regular application of organic matter on the soil.

We invited panellists from the EU institutions (European Parliament and European Commission), business associations and NGOs as well as practitioners from the agriculture and vineyard sector to discuss current status and outlook of the soils in Europe.

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