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Soil loves compost – The topic for the 2020 annual week of compost awareness

The annual week of compost awareness (ICAW) raising has been embraced by compost organisations across the world, including ECN.

This year’s theme ‘Soil loves Compost’ is scheduled for the 3-9 May, and plans are already underway to promote the initiative.

Soil loves compost because compost feeds soil! Soil is alive and needs nourishment to be healthy. With healthy soil you grow healthy plants.

Soil Loves Compost because it provides food and nutrients for living microbes that make up healthy soil. Without compost we would have few ways to enrich and restore soil.

Compost keeps soil strong and healthy by reusing and recycling organic materials in a “zero waste” cycle. Compost keeps our soil happy and it keeps our planet healthy.

Get involved! If you plan any activities during ICAW from 3-9 May, please let us know! We will announce your project in the ECN network.

More information on ICAW is available here.


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