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Feedback on the Roadmap on the new Circular Economy Action Plan

The European Compost Network (ECN) welcomes the initiative of the European Commission to adopt a new Circular Economy Action Plan with the objective to boost the circular economy model in the EU and abroad.

ECN welcomes the planning of new measures to establish a functioning and competitive integrated market for secondary raw materials and recommends that circularity of biological loops is fully addressed by

  • Providing legal certainty to downstream operators;
  • Enforcing the development of high-quality separate collection schemes of biowaste and other recyclables;
  • Promoting the use of organic soil improving products over mineral fertilizers.

ECN strongly advocates in favour of closing organic cycles for biological materials. There is the need to develop a comprehensive strategy to build up organic matter in soils (See ECN’s manifesto and follow ECN’s S.O.S. Soil initiative ‘Save organics in Soil’).

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